The Pursue Your It Project

Who Are We?

Cindy Miller

is a former LPGA Tour Player, an award-winning Class A LPGA Teaching and Club Professional, Professional Speaker, and current member of the Official Legends Tour of the LPGA. She is the founder of Pursue Your It, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 corporation whose mission is to inspire, educate, and challenge all people to pursue their personal potential. 

She is a dynamic, engaging, entertaining, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and leadership advocate who has conveyed her message to numerous Fortune 500 companies. She is a Certified Behavior, Motivation, Judgement, and Emotional Intelligence Professional. Her authentic positive nature motivates and challenges her audience to own their game; whether that game be a sport, their business, or even life itself.

Cindy is passionate about helping people learn to understand themselves; their personal behavior styles, what motivates them to action, how they make judgments, and how they can better handle their emotions. She has created the Pursue Your It Program to advocate personal development, leadership training, self-esteem, goal setting, self-confidence, communication skills, and personal empowerment.


Heather Kwiatkowski

is an elementary school teacher in the Lackawanna City School District. Over her 18-year career, Heather has served in a leadership capacity as the chairperson of her school’s Building Leadership Team and Parent Engagement Committee, as well as assisting with curriculum development, writing, and integration of online curriculum resources. Heather earned a BA in Education in 2001 from Canisius College and a MS in Reading in 2002 from St. Bonaventure University.  She is certified in the areas of Prekindergarten to Grade 6, Secondary English, and Reading Grades K through 12. In addition to her current teaching position, Heather also serves as a consultant to the Teacher Leadership Quality Partnership at Daemen College.



Why We Do What We Do?

We believe everyone has potential. It is our mission to teach students how to discover who they are, discern their motivation to action, and make a plan to achieve their goals.  

Pursue Your It, Inc.  I P.O. Box 51  Silver Creek, New York 14136  I  (716)432-5756 (p)  I  (716)934-7309 (f)  I [email protected]


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